Create better exams!

With IR Quiz Editor, a premium exam creation tool, you can create high quality exams.

Among many features it provides an embedded powerfull engine for syntax quality check of your exam questions.

The tool is made of an Excel file and an Excel Addin. You can import and export exam questions from and to your favorite LMS.

Tired of identifying always the same mistakes done by Subject Matter Experts when they submit the proposal for an exam?

The Instant Recommendations engine of the IR Quiz Editor is the solution!

Warnings, and suggestions are provided by the tool while you type.

Tool interaction – screenshot of an example of 2 Instant Recommendations
IR quiz editor Instant Recommendations

Tool interaction – screenshot of ADD-IN administration commands

Save hours of work, and pain…
IR Quiz Editor export functionality creates a set of files compatible with several LMS.
The import function is able to import excel and word files.
We provide a free of charge service for new needed formats.
ADD-IN administration function

Key features

  • Create questions of type Multiple Response, Multiple Choice, True / False, Sequence, Match, Fill in blank, Short Question, Numeric answer.
  • Assign to a question any of the six levels of the Bloom's taxonomy, and any of three levels of difficulty. Parameters and labels are configurable.
  • Assign objectives to your questions.
  • Per question manage revision, grade, status, and assign references.
  • Insert takeaway messages, assign a media file.
  • Move, order, renumber questions.
An Instant Recommendations engine that will help you during the exam creation process
  • The Instant Recommendation (or IR) engine alerts in real time suggesting what you eventually need to modify in your question stem and distractors.

  • When a warning or error is detected a dedicated cell changes color. The tool flashes the message when hovering the mouse or clicking on it.

And more features...

  • Provide to Subject Matter Expert (SME) embedded basic guidelines and recommendations for creating good quality Exams.
  • Powerful mean of sharing objectives and assigning them per question.
  • Automatic insertion of labels and characters: insertion of ‘Choose n’ in the stem, insert dot ‘.’ on response options.
  • Provide a common font format; and a command to reinitialize all formatting.
  • Take away messages to be shown to learners when necessary.
  • Option to illustrate questions with images or videos.
  • Means to visualize and group the questions in several ways.
  • An embedded Quiz Player to further review exam questions from a learner’s perspective. Helpfull to further improve the quality of your exam.
  • Embedded Analytics / reporting module to guide SMEs in improving the exam questions.
  • and much more!
Import exam questions from different type of files
The tool identifies which type of MSExcel or MSWord files are opened on your desktop and imports accordingly. In just few seconds import from:
  • another IR Quiz Editor excel file.
  • MSExcel file with tables containing questions exported via best known Learning Management Systems questions bank.
  • MSWord and MSExcel plain files that follows specific rules.
A free of charge service is provided to create a dedicated import function if you subscribe to the Advanced Membeship Plan.
Export exam questions to files that can be imported into various Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • For some target LMS, an extra file is created containing all questions of the excel file.
  • The decision on the questions to export is based on the Status field set for each question.
  • An export log sheet is created providing details of the export done. You can click on the hyperlinks to open the created files or to navigate to the problematic questions.
A free of charge service is provided to create a dedicated import function if you subscribe to the Advanced Membeship Plan.

The IR Quiz Editor tool is delivered with two objects

MS Office Excel file
The major component of the tool is an MS Office Excel file with extension XLSM. The file contains thousands lines of code to create exam questions and to provide you a powerful Software Engine that includes the Instant Recommendations algorythms, the exam questions quality check, the embedded Quiz Player, and much more.
The file also contains several hidden information sheets on how to create good quality questions.
MS Office ADD-IN
The tool is made of another component that is an MS Office ADD-IN that is used by Learning Consultants or Publishers. This component includes some important functions such as the tool Settings, Importing questions from other type of files, Exporting the questions to files that can then be imported into Learning Management Systems.
The ADD-IN is not required for the Subject Matter Expert. The Excel file works without any further installation.

How can your organization use these 2 files?

You can distribute both objects to exam creators. But you may have persons who are not familiar with tooling, and who do not wish to 'waste' time in learning complex functionalities. For these, the excel file is sufficient. It of course acts like a template but contains all the automated functionalities to create high quality exams. You then leave the export and import functionalities contained in the ADD-IN to your Publishers.
Review each item and provide your comments
  • Enter general comments, propose revised text for the stem and each distractor.

  • Use action buttons: toggle insertion of a dot at the end of each distractor, toggle first letter capital letter.

  • With one click the tool creates for you an outlook mail and inserts in its body all active comments of all the questions. You can send the mail to interact with your counterpart if you think this is a prefered way to share the comments.

  • Accept or reject changes, one by one or at once.

Item settings

Question types, dialog boxes

  • Create the most common type of questions.

  • Set the question's properties either through a dialog box or directly on the pre-setup cells.

  • Review the questions with an embedded tool's mechanism, same principle like for a Microsoft Word review.

  • Display the warnings and errors detected by the tool. Read more on the Instant Recommendations powerfull functioanlity!

More about IR Quiz Editor


A powerful tool that lets you create exams visually and instantly warning you on major syntax errors.
"Test your Quiz" with the embedded engine of the excel file.


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Test your quiz


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