Export for Articulate

The Export function creates one file per Group of Questions.

All files are created on the sub-folder “IR_quiz_editor_export”.

Exported files name convention: Articulate_sheetname.xlsx

Columns of excel file created by the tool :

//Question Type




//Question Text

Question stem

//Answer Choice 1 .. //Answer Choice 10

Designates correct answers for true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, and word bank questions with an asterisk (*) at the beginning. Example: *True

For choice-level feedback, separates each answer choice and its feedback with a pipe (|). Example: Houston | Sorry, the capital of Texas is Austin.

Note: there is a problem with Articulate SW import function because the pipe seems to work only for Multiple Choices. It is not working for Multiple Responses. Several messages on forums relay this misbehaviour, since many years.

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