Introduction to the export function

The IR Quiz Editor is able to export exam questions to files that can be imported into various Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The Export function creates one file per existing Group of Questions. Recall that each group of questions equals one Excel sheet.

A question is not exported if its status field is set either 'To delete' or 'Don't export'.

An export log sheet is created providing details of the export done. You can click on the hyperlinks to open the created files or to navigate to the problematic questions.

All files are created on the sub-folder “IR_quiz_editor_export”.

Exported files names convention is : [prefix]_[sheet name].xlsx, where

  • Prefix = name of the target LMS
  • Sheet name = sheet name of the Group of questions

For some target LMS, an extra file is created containing all questions of the excel file. The name of this file is : [prefix]_QuestionsOfAllGroups_Concatenated.xlsx


  • The “concatenated” file is a time saver for the person who will import the questions into the LMS.

The export settings are described in a dedicated chapter Export Settings.


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