ADD-IN Installation

Although the ADD-IN is made of a single .xlam file, it is delivered within a zip file allowing you an easy and straightforward installation and uninstallation.

Follow these steps to install :

  • download the zip file ‘IR Quiz Editor - addin’ .
    Note that xxxx corresponds to the latest ADD-IN version.
  • extract all files to a local folder of your PC, and close the zip file.
  • open the file named ‘Install-addin.xlsm’
  • when prompted, enable the content ( = enable macros)
  • Follow the straightforward 2 steps installation.
  • The single ADD-IN file named ‘IR Quiz Editor - addin.xlam’ has been installed (or replaced) on your folder where are located all your excel default ADD-IN files.

ADD-IN folder location, enabling or disabling the ADD-IN

For your information, the ADD-IN file is generally located in the folder C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns.

Only for your curiosity, perform this steps to know where is located the ADD-IN file.

On excel home menu select ‘File’ and then ‘Options’. On the left select ‘Add-ins’. Then, click on the button ‘Go…’ located right to ‘Manage Excel Add-ins’ section. On the new popup select the button ‘Browse’ to locate the default folder.

To disable or enable the ADD-IN just select or unselect it on this last popup.

Note: You can definitively suppress the ADD-IN by deleting the file once you exit excel. You can also launch the uninstall file contained in the ADD-IN deliverable.

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