Import an ExamStudio Zoomorphix excel file

You can import questions from two types of Exam Studio Zoomorphix (ESO) templates: import and export ESO files. All questions of the import file will be grouped onto one sheet.

The tool recognizes the fields in the two formats below.

Import ExamStudio Zoomorphix excel files


Fields in the file to import can be in disorder because they are searched by their name in Row #1.

Item Types accepted

  • Multiple response (MR)
  • Multiple Weighted response (WR)
  • Multiple Choice (MC)
  • True/False (ST)
  • Yes/No (SY): will appear as True/False type in the IR Quiz Editor editor but keeping the Yes/No.
  • Others are ignored

These are the Fields imported:

Item Type



Imported and managed by the tool




Valid responses: integer values separated by comma.


Up to 10 responses accepted. Field RespA or Resp1 are considered equivalent, the remaining are read in sequence. Responses reading stops when first empty cell is found.


Global rationale imported as feedback.


Imported (all topics notion)

Version NR

Custom field used by several teams: denotes a string with a version number of a question.


Weight of the global item is Imported

Distractor weight

ExamStudio denotes this by WR item type. Up to 10 weighted responses values can be accepted. WeightRespA to WeightRespJ. Decimal or integer values.


  • ItemID or QuestionID: ignored at import phase, but when exporting using the tool a proposal is made to fill in this field with prefix and starting number, eg, export can insert sequence starting with ‘FN-A1701’.
  • Only global "Rationale" field imported, ie, "RationaleRespA", "RationaleRespB"… independent feedbacks are ignored because the IR Quiz Editor does not yet handle independent feedback.

Hint: After you import your questions from ExamStudio in to the IR Quiz editor file you can then export your questions to other LMS excel file formats.

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