Import manually with Copy & Paste

There are third party files that the IR Quiz Editor may not be able to import automatically, or you may prefer to enter your question items with a plain line per line interface. The import function named ‘Import manually with Copy & paste’ allows you to enter data as a table so that the two described scenarios above can be achieved.


Selecting this option will show a special sheet named ‘Import manually’. You can enter data manually or paste values from another table of any kind. Avoid special characters.


  • Paste the values in the correct columns. You cannot change the labels of the first row.
  • Do not leave empty rows.



Verification before import:

  • Use the button 'Verify question before import' to check if there are no errors before the import. Note that the verification is not 100% exhaustive.

To import the questions:

  • Press the button 'Import questions now'.
  • All questions will be created in a new sheet, that you can rename.

Column 'Key':

  • The correct answers are denoted by the number of the answers, separated by a comma. Example: 1,3
  • The separator used on your key will be automatically replaced by a comma ',' at the verification phase.

Errors : some are detected during the verification phase. Hover your mouse over the cells with a red background to understand the error.


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