The IR Quiz Editor can import exam questions from different type of files:

  • IR Quiz Editor excel file
  • Other types of excel files :
  • Plain excel file with tables of questions in a given format
  • LMS exported files (CSOD, ExamStudio)
  • LMS CSOD screen shot of an existing exam pasted to an excel file
  • NLDH files
  • Enter question manually line by line, or paste third party questions.
  • Word plain file that follows specific rules
  • exe XML files
  • Moodle XML simple files

A good habit is to ensure the Master IR Quiz editor file you choose to import questions is in its latest available version. Check the tool’s web site for the latest edition.
We do not recommend that the Master file be of a lower version than the imported file.

Follow these steps to import questions corresponding to templates :

  1. Close all your Word and Excel files. Start with a clean desktop and all will be ok!
  2. Open all Excel or Word files containing questions you want to import. You can indeed import in one go questions pertaining to several files.
  3. Open and activate your IR Quiz Editor master excel file. It can be an empty file or a file that already contains questions. Your existing questions will not be altered because the tool during the import process will always create new sheets.
  4. Excel Ribbon: In administration, click button “Import questions
  5. Tell the tool what type of files you want to import.
  6. Then follow the instructions shown on the subsequent popup windows.

IR Quiz Editor import introduction

After finishing the import process :

  • Review all sheets. Ensure all questions were imported as desired.
  • Pay attention to the Instant Recommendations suggested by the tool.

The IR Quiz Editor import and export capabilities allow you to use it as a pivot point to use same item banks across any number of Learning Management Systems. Here is a typical example :

  1. Create your questions with the IR Quiz Editor
  2. Export for ExamStudio
  3. Import to ExamStudio and tune your exam.
  4. Export from ExamStudio your final ItemBank
  5. Import back into the IR Quiz Editor
  6. Export for CSOD
  7. Import to CSOD

Lets now take a look on how the tool behaves for each type of import file. Note that in what follows we call ‘Master’ file the IR Quiz Editor final file that will contain all your questions, existing and imported.

Hint: You do not need to enable the macros on the files to be imported.

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