Flat View - View and edit questions in table format

You can enter questions in several Excel sheets. As an example, lets say your exam contains questions related to Marketing, Negotiation, Pricing and Services. You would create 4 Excel sheets grouping questions related to each subject in the corresponding sheet.

The Flat View sheet will display all questions in the same sheet in a table mode one line per question, without altering the original sheets. You will be able to edit most of the questions properties of each question, and filter content for further editing.

The hidden sheet named Flat View becomes visible when you press the ‘Flat View’ button located in the Excel ribbon.


You can filter per column, you can copy paste between cells, and all modifications are considered for each question you modify. Hyperlinks shown in blue allow you to click and jump to the question located in the original sheet.


Modifying the Objectives for each question

The Flat view is helpful when reviewing the objectives, if of course they were filled in the objectives sheet. For these, clicking in a cell in any of the first two columns will popup the items of the two objectives lists.

Moving questions from one group to another

The most efficient method to move questions from one sheet to another (between groups of questions) is for a given question to select the new sheet clicking on the group cell.

A popup will reveal the existing sheets allowing you to move the question.

The tool will automatically delete a source sheet if the question you move happens to be the last question of the source sheet.

Changing a question type

You cannot modify a question type.

Changing the Status for each question

Clicking on the ‘Status’ cell will reveal a popup with the options you can set for the status of a given question.

Entering references

Select the Slides cell to enter a label for your references for the given question.

Grade of a question

Enter the Grade of a question in the Grade cell. It must be an integer and the default value is 1.

Custom fields

You can change the value of a Custom field for a given question.

Button : Unprotect sheet

You will need to click the Unprotect sheet button to change the width of any column.

Button : Copying Learning Areas table

Clicking this button will copy the table from the Objectives sheet to the current Flat View sheet. This could facilitate any copy and paste you may want to do.

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