Create your first question

For your first quiz, do not get distracted by the buttons and menus. Use the tool like if it was a simple excel template.

Start by selecting the Excel sheet "Questions group 1".


  • it is possible that your Learning Consultant changed the name of the default sheet "Questions group 1".

Press the button “Add Question” to add a new question.

The order of the questions is generally irrelevant because they will be presented randomly.

Question stem

Enter the text of the default Multiple Response question in the green background cell E3.

Choices for possible answers

In the lines below, column E, replace the default A, B, C, D text by the various options you propose for the question.

Correct answer(s)

In front of the correct options, column “D”, enter the letter “x” to Indicate the correct answer(s).

Feedback for the learner / take away message

Enter in column G the text that will be shown to the learner when the correct answer is chosen. In general, this is the takeaway message you want to address for the question.

Enter the reference material

Enter the numbers of the pages where answers can be found on your training. This information is only for you and your Learning consultant.

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