What are the major functions

  • Provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) real time Instant Recommendations during the exam item creation process. The tool analyzes syntax and common mistakes. It generates errors that are mandatory to correct, warnings with recommendations.
  • Provide to SME embedded basic guidelines and recommendations for creating good quality Exams.
  • Provide a powerful mean of sharing objectives and assigning them per item.
  • Provide a peer to peer methodology review for each item. Accept or reject reviews. With one click it creates an Outlook mail with all outstanding reviewed comments.
  • Keeps a date changelog on accepted or rejected reviews.
  • Automatic insertion of labels and characters, eg, insertion of ‘Choose n’ in the stem, insert dot ‘.’ on distractors.
  • Provide warnings on certain thresholds as defined on the tool Settings.
  • Provide a common font format; and a command to reinitialize all formatting.
  • Insert take away messages to be shown when learners correctly answer the questions.
  • Provide the option to illustrate items with images or videos.
  • Provide the means to visualize and group the items in several ways.
  • Provide an embedded Quiz Player to further review exam items from a learner’s perspective.
  • Propose an analytics / reporting module to guide SMEs in improving the exam items.
  • Import items from different type of templates, eg, Excel, MSWord, XML …
  • Create Export files that can be imported into the Learning Management Systems such as Cornerstone, iSpring, Rise & Articulate 360, Exam Studio, Moodle, ...

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