Instant Recommendations tool engine

Like many Learning Consultants you are probably tired of identifying always the same mistakes done by Subject Matter Experts (SME) when they submit the proposal for an exam.

The tool integrates a powerful Instant Recommendations engine that will help SMEs to improve the quality of the exam design during the questions creation process. It analyzes in real time the syntax of the questions and warns on common mistakes. The main objective of the engine is to alert and explain why there is a need to modify what the Stem or the Answer Choices.

When a warning or error is detected a dedicated cell changes color. The tool flashes the message when hovering the mouse or clicking on it.

The warnings and errors are shown with a color code on the cell located on the right of the question’s step, in column F.

 Instant Recommendations color code

Green background : no issue detected

Orange background : warning(s) detected

Red background : error(s) detected

To view the recommendation hover the mouse over the cell, or click on the cell.

Note 1 : the tool’s ‘Warnings’ are recommendations and not obligations. You may decide to disregard the warning.

Note 2 : the tools ‘Errors’ are obligations to change your question, otherwise the question(s) will not be part of the questions pool.

Examples of Instant Recommendations detected by the tool

Example of 2 Warnings

IR Quiz Editor example of 2 warnings

Example of an Error

IR Quiz Editor example of an error


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