Managing Group of questions - Multiple excel sheets

You can use several Excel sheets to group questions per subject. As an example, for a given course you would use an excel sheet per module.

The limitation in number of sheets is the Excel limitation, that is to say, almost infinite.

Each Group of Question has a given name. The Learning Consultant may initialize the Groups of questions.

The name of one Group of questions is entered Cell E1.

Important: Modifying the cell E1 will rename the sheet. Prefer to proceed this way rather than renaming the sheet itself.


Add a new group of questions

There are two methods to create a Group of questions, both will trigger automatically the creation of a cleaned and formatted sheet.

Method 1: Add a new excel sheet with the Excel + button located on the Excel bottom part of any sheet.

Method 2: IR Quiz Editor Excel ribbon: click "Add Group".

Rename a group of questions

Click on "Rename Group" of the IR Quiz Editor Excel ribbon to rename a sheet. You can also modify its name in cell E1, in the first row of a sheet. This will also automatically rename the sheet. 

Note: do not modify the name of the sheet using the excel sheet tab renaming because the tool needs to keep a synchronization with cell E1.

Delete a group of questions

There are two methods to delete a Group of questions. Both will trigger automatically the deletion of the sheet.

Method 1: Right click on the desired excel sheet tab and delete.

Method 2: IR Quiz Editor Excel ribbon: click "Delete Group".

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