Questions checklist

At any time you can click on the Checklist button. You will be able to verify that your questions follow minimum quality recommendations.

questions quality checklist

Formal Question Bank requirement check


Is the question linked to an objective with well written objective wording, thinking level, difficulty?


If required by your Learning Consultant, is the question of the format: Multiple Choice or Multiple Response, with exactly FOUR options and 1,2 or 3 correct answer(s)?


Content check


Is the stem understandable?


Does the question test the correct subject matter?


Is the question set at the correct thinking level and difficulty?


Are the ‘correct’ answers really correct?


Are all ‘wrong’ options incorrect yet plausible?


There is no hint or word phrase in the stem to cue the correct answer(s);


Question Style guideline check


Doesn’t use the word “you”, doesn’t contain an option “all of the above” nor “none of the above”


Certain key words in the stem should always appear in upper case, e.g. NO, NOT, CANNOT, MUST, BEST, LEAST, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, TRUE, FALSE, MOST, UNLIKELY. Max 1 word.


Numbers, dates, amounts etc. in the four options must be in ascending or descending order.


If the stem ends in a colon “:” the options should begin in lower case, if the stem ends in a question mark “?” the options should all begin with a capital letter.


All options except numerical figures end with a “.”

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