Outlook automated report with comments to review, warnings and errors

The IR Quiz Editor has a feature to automate the creation of an email that will contain all comments to review, question by question.

In the IR Quiz Editor excel ribbon select the "Review Comments" button, then select "Create a report". This command creates an outlook mail and inserts in its body all active comments of all the questions.

Outlook report mail with all pending questions with comments to review

So you can send the mail to interact with your counterparts if you think this is a preferred way to share the review comments.

Outlook mail report with all comments

The tool creates the mail, inserts a ‘Subject’, an introduction text and, question per question, the comments.

For each question, it lists the sheet name and the original stem as a header, then the ‘general comment’, and the proposed comments for the stem and responses.

The comments are inserted into 2 columns. The original text on the left, the comment on the right.

The tool also inserts all Warnings and Errors detected.

You can modify the mail body. Ensure you enter your destination recipients.


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