Adding a question

Click the "Add Question" button to add a question to your exam.

Add question

Question type

Select the question type: Multiple Choice, True/false, Multiple Response, Sequence, Matching, Short Answer, Fill in blank, Numeric.

IR Quiz Editor question type

Question stem

Enter the stem of the question in the green background cell of the first line.

 enter stem



Answer choices

Type in your answer choices and don't forget to select the correct answer(s).


Add or delete answer choices

Press the plus minus sign located at the right of any answer choice to insert or delete a answer choice.


Note: Prefer the suggested method rather than inserting or deleting an excel line. You will preserve a good cells formatting.

You can insert a maximum of 10 answer options. 

It is recommended you do not propose more than 4 choices.


Insert a feedback or takeaway message

A feedback or takeaway message in the answer for each question is a real added value on learning. So we recommend to create takeaway messages for the questions you believe are the most relevant for learning retention.

How: Insert the feedback in column G, in the big green box.


Note: enter only the message, no need to write ‘Correct answer’, ‘you did the write choice’ because this is done by the Learning Management System engine. Go straight to the point.

Insert a media file to illustrate your question

You can illustrate any question by providing the path to a media file. If you do not see the label shown below then your Learning Consultant decided not to allow you add media files.

Note: A prerequisite to add illustrations is that the excel file be located physically on your hard drive – disk. You will get an error message if the excel file is located on OneDrive, SharePoint or anywhere on the cloud.

Click on the cell labelled ‘Click here to illustrate question’ and, when asked, browse to the location where your media file is located and select it.

Add a media to the question

Associate image or video to the question

Path to the image is inserted

The tool will perform the following actions:

  • Copy the media file in a subfolder named IR_quiz_editor_export.
    It will be created by the tool.
  • Insert in the cell a label containing the path and the name of the media file.

When you are done with all your questions you will compress the IR_quiz_editor_export folder and send the .zip file to your Learning Consultant who will upload your media files into the LMS.

To remove the illustration press on the same cell and delete when you are prompted.


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