Editing questions - Custom fields

What are IR Quiz Editor Custom Fields?

Custom fields are additional extra fields you can add to your questions. The values can be exported to a Leaning Management System. It can also be used to effectively use data filtering options within excel, e.g. in the Flat View sheet, or other tools.

Fortunately, IR Quiz Editor custom fields are quite simple to use. In this section we’ll go over how to add custom fields and update existing fields, as well as how they will be exported to a Learning Management System.


Enabling Custom Fields

If you’re using the IR Quiz Editor Add-in, you can modify the custom fields in the Add-in settings tab “Objectives & Custom fields” and click on the button ‘Configure Custom Fields…’. If you are not using the Add-in you then can modify the Custom Fields by first activating the “Objectives” sheet and then scroll to the right to column V. In the "Objectives" sheet, a Custom field is automatically enabled if you enter at least one value in the chosen Custom Field column starting line 3.

Note: You can also start line 2 but by doing so, in the question’s setting interface, you do not allow the user to enter an empty value, or deleting an existing one.

Adding or updating Custom Fields

To add or update Custom Fields activate the “Objectives” sheet and then scroll to the right to column V.

There is one Custom Field per column in the Custom Fields dedicated area starting Column V.

Title of a Custom Field: enter the desired Custom Field title in row 1.

Values: enter desired values starting row 3. The number of values you enter in a given column is unlimited.

Note: Modifying a value that was already assigned to a question will not affect the question’s setting value. You can easily assign new values using the ‘Flat view’ and filter on the desired Custom Field.

IR Quiz Editor Configure Custom Fields

Using Custom Fields with your questions

Custom Fields interface for a question : click on the question’s setting icon as illustrated by the red arrow on the figure below. The right column in the popup window that appears shows the enabled Custom Fields. Select the desired value by clicking on the list box. Press the OK button when done.

You can also assign values to the Custom Fields in the ‘Flat view’ interface, and also directly on the sheet starting in column S.

IR Quiz Editor question parameters and settings

IR Quiz Editor set value to Custom Field

IR Quiz Editor Custom field on Excel sheet

How will the Custom Fields be used?

Custom Fields can be used to help you better identify how a question should be used in the Item bank. It provides the mean to filter the questions in more detail.

At the time this document is written the IR Quiz Editor Add-in exports the desired Custom Fields when creating files for ExamStudio. Let us know if more possibilities/options are desired.

Why would you use Custom Fields?

You would use Custom Fields because of their simplicity. It is easy to add custom fields, and the functions for retrieving or exporting those fields are relatively basic. Someone with even a minimal knowledge of excel can get up and running with IR Quiz Editor Custom Fields with only a few trips to this documentation.

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